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Facebook: Still A Brand Management Secret Weapon


The Book Binding Workshop

What ultimately made The Book Binding Workshop’s Facebook marketing successful was using it to promote a free bonus item. The company ran a contest offering a free (and lengthy) eBook to anybody who bought $300 worth of merchandise and supplies from the company. Word spread, as word often does on social media. Within a month they had 600 new likes. They also added $15K in sales to their profit margin. The campaign alone didn’t do it, though: the company used their Facebook page to post photos of merchandise and having conversations with customers.


BellaSoleil is a small retail store for home décor in Tucson. They offered a coupon for 10% to anybody who liked their Facebook page. She sent out notice of the promotion to her email list (her list had less than 2,000 subscribers). In three weeks she had a 200% increase in her Facebook “likes” (ultimately spurned on by people seeing their friends like the page and then doing so themselves) and brought in a $10K profit via the coupon code.

The Union Settlement Association

The Union Settlement Association is a non-profit organization that ran a Facebook campaign to raise both money and awareness for their cause. They pledged to donate a dollar to their own organization for every person who liked their page. The trick to making their campaign work was integrating other social media portals—namely Twitter. The campaign was small but it helped them gain almost 600 new fans for their page and resulted in almost $600 for their organization.

Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Success

Experts at are adamant: social media is one of the keys to building a good reputation for yourself. One thing each of these things has in common is how they began to promote the Facebook page in the first place. Each campaign started with an email to an already existing email list. If you don’t have one of your own yet, now is the time to start building it.

Another common element was the rewarding of people for liking the page: a coupon, a donation in the “liker’s” honor, a freebie—these all add incentive to fan a page.

Integrating other forms of social media is also helpful. You might reach modest success limiting your efforts to Facebook, but you’ll find better success if you introduce other social mediums like Twitter, Google+, etc.

Good luck!


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