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Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: March 2015


This post features free desktop wallpapers created by artists across the globe for February 2015. Both versions with a calendar and without a calendar can be downloaded for free. It’s time to freshen up your wallpaper!

Please note that:

  • All images can be clicked on and lead to the preview of the wallpaper,
  • You can feature your work in our magazine by taking part in our Desktop Wallpaper Calendars series. We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists to be featured on Smashing Magazine. Are you one of them?


Designed by Elise Vanoorbeek from Belgium.


Let’s Spring!

“After some freezing months, it’s time to enjoy the sun and flowers. It’s party time, colours are coming, so let’s spring!” — Designed by Colorsfera from Spain.

Let's spring!

Fresh Lemons

Designed by Nathalie Ouederni from France.

Fresh lemons

Hello, Spring!

Designed by Roxi Nastase from Romania.

Hello, Spring!

Wake Up!

“I am the kind of person that prefers cold but I do love spring since it’s the magical time when flowers and trees come back to life and fill the landscape with beautiful colors.” — Designed by Maria Keller from Mexico.

Wake up!


“As we all grow hopeful for spring to start, this floral background lightens my mood and I’m always inspired by Wes Anderson’s insight.” — Designed byJordan Thoma from the United States.


The Early Adopters

“Last year I made also a wallpaper with these little chickens. The whole year up to now they lay on my desk and looked at me: ‘we are still cheerfull, use us again for your wallpaper’ ‘Allright, you have me’
Happy March!” — Designed by Agnes Swart from the Netherlands.

The early adopters

Racers Spring

“All nature and creatures come alive.” — Designed by Corina Moscu from Bucharest, Romania.

 racers spring


Designed by Aswathi J V from India.


March Madness

“To me “March” is all about colors, new leafs, fresh air containing super molecules of madness :) SO get MAD and enjoy the freshness!” — Designed byAbhijit Sarkar from India.

March Madness

Crazy Glasses

Designed by studio Pietje Precies from the Netherlands.

Crazy Glasses

It Smells Like Spring!

“It’s spring! Everything is green again!” — Designed by Design19 from Romania.

It smells like Spring!

Spring Is In The Air

“March is here, and with it we hope to get new projects and ideas flourish … We are going to start watering, just in case!” — Designed by Verónica Valenzuelafrom Spain.

Spring is in the air

Chutki’s Holi

“My imagination on how Chutki (a famous character of Indian animated comedy series named ‘Chhota Bheem’) will enjoy HOLI this year!” — Designed bySanchari Sarkar from India.

Chutki's Holi

Spring Awakening Tree

“Springtime is the nature awakening.” — Designed by Antun Hirsman from Croatia.

Spring awakening tree

Cartographic Wuppertal

Designed by Fabian Hüttenhoff from Germany.

Cartographic Wuppertal

The Sound Of Music

“This month marks the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music, the movie with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer that first captivated audiences in 1965.” — Designed by Dan Di from Italy.

The Sound of Music

I’m A Business, Man.

“March, even just by name, is a month for action and hustle. This quote is one of my all-time favorites, and I think it’s a pretty great reminder to stay on your game.” — Designed by Resa Barillas from the United States.

I'm a business, man.

Tune In To Spring!

Designed by Iquadart from Belarus.

Tune in to spring!

After The Rain

Designed by Richard Davis from South Africa.

After the rain

Join In Next Month!

Please note that we respect and carefully consider the ideas and motivation behind each and every artist’s work. This is why we give all artists the full freedom to explore their creativity and express emotions and experience throughout their works. This is also why the themes of the wallpapers weren’t anyhow influenced by us, but rather designed from scratch by the artists themselves.

A big thank you to all designers for their participation. Join in next month!


What’s your favorite theme or wallpaper for this month? Please let us know in the comment section below.


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